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Re: [IP] pumping questions

Disetronic allows 24 different basel rates.  maybe this has something to 
do with her decision.  My nurse prac. also recommended a dis. for me cuz 
my total basal is about 20 -- I don't remember her arguments offhand, 
but will get back. . .


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>At 05:52 PM 11/24/1998  Neal & Kara wrote:
>>Carl:  I too am in the process of getting my first pump.  I saw my 
>>practitioner today and she is recommending the disetronic for me 
becuase my
>>basal rate will be so low.  She says disetronic works better for low 
>>basal rates.  I don't eat breakfast and exercise everyday with a daily
>>insulin total of around 30 units (Hummalog and NPH).  Since about 1/2 
>>your total becomes the basal rate this means about 15 units basal/day 
when I
>>go on the pump.  This amount, she says, would be better delivered with 
>This is interesting... I'm curious as to the basis for this 
information. I
>use a MiniMed and normally use less than 20 units/day basal. I also 
>there are a lot of children who are pumping with the MiniMed that take 
>whole lot less than that. Since the MiniMed allows you to program the
>basals in 0.1 increments, I'm just wondering what the Disetronic does
>differently to make low amounts deliver better. 
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