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[IP] RE: Softset problem

<<I have a new pumper who seems to have a problem keeping her Sofsets in
It seems that the set creeps back out of the skin after insertion.  We have
tried Hypafix, Skin Prep,  and "sandwiched" between a Polyskin and the IV
2000. She has no options on using other sets as Medicaid only approves the
Sofset without the Quick Release. We may have to switch to the needle sets,
but she is a Mom of an active 2 year old, and the possibility of getting the
needle site bumped is something to contend with. Any suggestions from the
group would be greatly appreciated.
Barbara B.<<

I am also a very active mom of 3 active girls -- 3, 7 and 9.  I use a bent
needle set with VERY few problems.  I almost always use upper abdominal
sites where I have very little fatty tissue, and have had difficulty only a
couple of times in the past 10 months.  The problem sites were very high on
my ribcage, and I now tend to avoid them.  I do change sites (not sets)
Take care,

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