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Re: [IP] pumping questions

At 05:52 PM 11/24/1998  Neal & Kara wrote:
>Carl:  I too am in the process of getting my first pump.  I saw my nurse
>practitioner today and she is recommending the disetronic for me becuase my
>basal rate will be so low.  She says disetronic works better for low daily
>basal rates.  I don't eat breakfast and exercise everyday with a daily
>insulin total of around 30 units (Hummalog and NPH).  Since about 1/2 of
>your total becomes the basal rate this means about 15 units basal/day when I
>go on the pump.  This amount, she says, would be better delivered with the

This is interesting... I'm curious as to the basis for this information. I
use a MiniMed and normally use less than 20 units/day basal. I also know
there are a lot of children who are pumping with the MiniMed that take a
whole lot less than that. Since the MiniMed allows you to program the
basals in 0.1 increments, I'm just wondering what the Disetronic does
differently to make low amounts deliver better. 


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