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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

>Heather please.. there are people who become faint <a physical 
>they can not help anymore than we can help being diabetic> and pass out
>at the site of blood. You sounded VERY closed minded to those people
>affected with this condition just like you dont want people acting
>towards you and your condition. To be considerate of one is to be
>considerate of all..
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I was not meaning to sound closed minded.  I realize that fainting, etc. 
cannot be helped.  I am not saying that needles and blood need to be 
shown to everyone around.  My wheelchair comments were off, and I'm 
sorry. . .I was angry after reading Ann's letter.  I wrote other stuff 
about mentioning first what is going to be done.  Sometimes things are 
just unavoidable eg. dirty bathrooms.  I always try to keep "production" 
to a minimum.

My apologies,


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