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[IP] Clogging up is getting me down!

My 9 year old daughter has been pumping almost 3 months now.  In the past two weeks, we have had 3 clogged infusion tubes, versus none prior to that.  What are we doing wrong? Twice the clogs have been right where the hub connects to the tubing, and once the clog was in the tubing, almost at the end.  Jenna has a Disetronics, uses Humalog, and uses the 23" tubing with a comfort set.  She rarely disconnects (baths are about it).  I keep her insulin in the refrigerator until it's time to load a new cartridge - and interestingly, 2 of the 3 clogs were on the day after we began a new cartridge.  Her flow rates are fairly low, 0.2 units per hour most of the time, with meal boluses that range from 2.5-4.0 units of insulin.  I need your wisdom- what are we doing wrong, what can we do to fix this clog problem?  She's tired of the 400 sugars that result, and it's hard for me to leave work to go troubleshoot for her so much.
Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom