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Re: [IP] Re: Sofset problem

At 03:27 PM 11/24/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>I have a new pumper who seems to have a problem keeping her Sofsets in place.
>It seems that the set creeps back out of the skin after insertion.  We have
>tried Hypafix, Skin Prep,  and "sandwiched" between a Polyskin and the IV
>2000. She has no options on using other sets as Medicaid only approves the
>Sofset without the Quick Release. We may have to switch to the needle sets,
>but she is a Mom of an active 2 year old, and the possibility of getting the
>needle site bumped is something to contend with. Any suggestions from the
>group would be greatly appreciated.

Too bad she can't get the Silhouettes... I think that would solve her
problem. Is there no way to justify the Silhouette based on the problem you
describe? How much of a difference in price is there? Sometimes
bureaucratic rules can drive you nuts... is there any appeal process??


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