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RE: [IP] Feeling Older and enjoying it?

I guess I never thought that at 29, I would be "Feeling Older and Enjoying It."  But if being diagnosed in 1983 was the dark ages, I guess being diagnosed in 1977 was prehistoric.  When I went on the pump 1 month ago, I told my doctor and the Disetronic educator I still can't believe the difference in taking care of Diabetes between then and now.  When I was diagnosed, I was taught to check my urin sugar using a "chemistry set".  I had to collect my urine 3 times a day and spend about 10 minutes dropping urine and water and some sort of tablet into a test tube, and then wait for it to heat up and change color.  

I sat there that day with my tiny Precision QID glucose monitering machine and my new little pump and thought - WOW, it's not a cure, but it sure is HIGH-TECH.  I can't believe how my moods have changed and improved since bringing my bg's so much closer to normal.  

Just my thoughts! 

Lisa - (21 years, no complications, and STILL annoyed by diabetes!)

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