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Re: [IP] pump questions

At 03:25 PM 11/24/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>> The third point is that only people with problems post this type 
>> of information. Everyone who's MinMed pump is working fine 
>> doesn't write just say this. 
>So, just to prove ya wrong, Sam...HERE I AM - I LOVE MY MINIMED 507!!!

Thanks... I need that. :-)

It's just a fact of human nature, though... very few people write just to
say "everything is great... no problems". However, if you have something go
wrong or have a question, you hop right on immediately. Right?? Therefore,
on the surface, it looks like everyone here has problems. As a percentage
of total users, though, I'll bet that major problems are very small.

(Who's doing just great... no problems to report at this time. Minnie says
hi too!)

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