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[IP] pump questions

Richard Aleksander wrote:
>Every user swears by his pump.  Minimed users report what I consider a
>disturbing frequency of no-delivery alarms...

NOT ME!!!  never had a problem that couldnt be traced to user error.  never
had a no delivery alarm that wasnt solved by just re-programming the bolus and
trying again...

I Love my BLACK minimed pump, and even if I do own stock in minimed, I would
never trade to a disetronic - even if they do offer cool blue...that is my
CHOICE - and that is why I am glad I can live in America and HAVE that choice
- unlike those poor saps over there in Germany... <g> just kidding john

Then Sam wrote:

> The third point is that only people with problems post this type 
> of information. Everyone who's MinMed pump is working fine 
> doesn't write just say this. 

So, just to prove ya wrong, Sam...HERE I AM - I LOVE MY MINIMED 507!!!

*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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