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[IP] Pump-wars

We seem to get into these "my pump is better than your pump" discussions on
a regular basis (pump-wars). I wish we had some guidelines governing these
type of messages. That way we wouldn't constantly get tangled with these
emotional issues without any positive benefit. 

Here are some of my ideas... I'd appreciated input from others on the list.

1. Talk positively about what you like about your pump. Everyone should
have a lot that they like about their pump. 

2. Don't mention or put-down features of the other brand. Bashing the other
brand is counter-productive and does not help us make informed decisions.
This is especially true if you've never actually used the other brand.

3. If you have questions, criticisms or suggestions for improvements of a
pump's features, do so only for the type of pump you currently use. Make
sure that your comments are made in a helpful vein. Honest questions are
always welcome.

4. If you are going to mention specific design, engineering, medical and/or
scientific concepts concerning your pump and it's use of insulin, be
prepared with the source material, so we can all locate and read it. This
is an opportunity for learning and sharing.

5. We are here to share information in a friendly way. No personal attacks
at any time. 


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