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Re: [IP] Ann Landers-Scott

Everyone is hung up on the 'bathroom' comment. I agree some are poor
examples of cleanliness but then I restated using the words 'in
private'. Some people are get very Ill at the sight of blood and/or
shots. To say to hell with them is VERY inconsiderate of the diabetic. I
test at the table.. Discreetly and when I was on MDI and 'knowing' I was
going out to eat I would already have a injection prepared. I would
'over' fill the syringe knowing all I had to do was slip in the bathroom
and 'un'inject some from the syringe.. drop my pants and inject. This
person was an adult. NOT a child. Having a child with Diabetes is all
together a different subject. With a little fore thought an 'adult' can
prepare for a restaurant dinner. Plus if you are over at someone house
and their restroom is not clean enough to do your thing I would really
worry about these people.
  Dont compare apples to oranges with an adult with Diabetes and a
Child. An adult has enough sense to know they are going out and prepare.
It is as rude of us to think people need to make adjustments for us as
it is for them to think we should make them for them. I believe I said 2
way street in one of my earlier responses...


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