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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

On 24 Nov 98 at 0:03, email @ redacted wrote:

> HERE HERE! I agree. Although my friends and family have little or no problem
> with my testing and giving shots (prepump days), others do. When someone goes
> to a restaurant to eat they are trying to enjoy a meal and no matter how open
> minded most people are it bothers some of them to see needles and blood. I
> think that openly making a production of shots and blood testing only
> encourages feelings against diabetes and works against the acceptance we are
> trying to establish. When testing in public I always try to be discrete and
> keep things on my lap, below table level when possible. 

Back in the "dark ages" (when I was on MDI) a bunch of us went out to eat at 
a nice restaurant.  I was talking to one of the other couples that I didn't 
know very well, and while we were talking I took my meter out, measured 
my bg, got the NovoPen (the old 2u per click model), took my shot and dropped 
everything else in my coat pocket.  A little later someone down the table made 
a comment about "all the fuss Randall was making taking his shot."  At that 
comment the couple I had been talking to wanted to know if I was diabetic - 
they hadn't been paying attention to what I was doing and hadn't noticed me 
taking my shot.   Some people will see anything you do as "making a fuss" while 
you could probably give others a shot and they'd never notice anything...

Key thing - you can be discrete, but don't try to hide it.  Hiding the real 
impact of diabetes fosters ignorance and ultimately hurts us all.

Randall P. Winchester
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