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Re: [IP] Ann Landers-Scott


I think that the reason many people were offended by the letter is
because we know how difficult and unsanitary it is to hide in a bathroom
and treat this disease.  However, I also believe that discretion is the
best alternative.  I refuse to take my daughter to a filthy bathroom to
take care of her diabetes.  I did that when she was first diagnosed and
I always got accusatory looks from the other women in the bathroom.  
They had no idea what I was doing, and I always felt guilty - like I
owed them some kind of long drawn-out explanation.  I stopped the
bathroom juggling routine and now we test at the table, UNDER the table
if there are people other than family with us.  The pump has certainly
made discretion much easier.  Those still on MDI have a hard time
drawing up insulin under a table in a dimly lit restaurant, so
discretion is harder.  I think the key is that a little give and take is
necessary.  Yes, be discreet, but don't tell me I should take my
daughter to the bathroom because you don't like watching.  Just don't
watch and I'll try to be as discrete as possible.  Ann Landers response
was abrupt and insensitive.  Had she replied with a more reasoned
response, people would not be so angry.

Kayla's mom

SRB wrote:
> ok ok ok.. I dont get it. You guys make it sound like the whole world is
> against us.  That 'they' have to understand 'us' but we are not required
> to understand 'them' My brother faints at the site of blood. Faints..
> Dead out right there faints. Now the way you guys talk I am NOT to be
> understanding of him and say "to hell with you I am Diabetic and I will
> bleed anywhere I please" Excuse me but life is a 2 way street. We are
> NOT better than anyone one else I personally refuse to ask for or expect
> special treatment because I am diabetic. Now if I test in public and a
> person sees my blood and faints dead out like my brother, whos the
> inconsiderate one????????
> Scott
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