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[IP] Re: Ann Landers

I think we should all write Ms. Ann Landers!
Heres my letter,

Dear Ann,
My name is Kellee and I am an insulin dependent diabetic.  I recently read and
article that someone called testing blood sugar and taking a shot a
"production" well these are necessary steps for taking care of ourselves.  I
guess unless you are a diabetic or a support person you can't understand.  I
don't see people who take heart medication having people tell them to go to
the bathroom to do so.  We are people to and should not have to hide we are.
I know needles make people uncomfortable but when used in this way isn't bad
or evil. 
When I was diagnosed I was still in high school and the narrow minded people
who thought I should hide my diabetes, made it very difficult for me to get
control of my diabetes.  I was only allowed to test or take shots at one place
in the school and under supervision of the nurse.  I was 13 years old.   I had
to take shots for 5 years and still do occasionally.  Quite frankly feel quite
insulted that people think I should hide it like a dirty secret.  I have to do
this to stay healthy.  I will never again live around my diabetes, it lives
around me.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/