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[IP] Ann Landers

Good answer Ellen. 

I would have to totally agree with your letter.  Why should I bother hiding
what I have to do to survive?  I'm not going to shout at everyone watch me.
But I should be able to do a blood test. I mean realistically, people do a
lot more unmannered things. I mean I see women breast feeding their children
in public. People picking their noses.  If I see something like that, I just
turn away. I used to feel that I should hide my diabetes. But why? this is
simply apart of who I am.  If my friends or family that I'm dining with
doesn't like it well, then I would question their sincerity.  I might
program my pump right there on the table, I might even do a test. But things
are a lot less noticeable then what they used to be.  I don't agree to hide
it.  I did that for far to long, and it was uncomfortable.  Why stay in the
closet, as it were? Ann Landers needs a lesson in manners herself someday. .

Christene Ullom
If you think you're too small to be effective,
you've never been in bed with a mosquito. 
- Raymond Sharp 

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