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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

On 23 Nov 98 at 14:26, SRB wrote:

> I fell Ann is 100% correct.. Thats why they make bathrooms.. I can
> usually test the blood at the table and NOT draw attention to myself.
> Its not that hard to do. Sounds like this guy wants the attention.. But
> thats another Jerry Springer show...

In public bathrooms you risk infections because most of them are so dirty and 
smelly that you risk your health just by going in.  You also run the risk of 
having someone turn you in for "doing drugs" and getting thrown out of the 
restaurant or arrested.  You also risk getting bumped while taking a shot - 
and that hurts!  The stalls don't usually have any kind of shelf to put things 
on so you try to juggle everything without dropping it in the slime and sludge 
on the floors...  I've had people yank open doors (generally in the northern 
part of the country  - southerners tend to be much more polite) or yell "are 
you taking drugs?"   Sounds to me like someone, probably "Mrs. Anonymous", is 
calling attention to this person.  Some people think that even taking leaving 
the area to take a shot would be calling attention to yourself...  so you 
cannot win.

One of the things I'm really thankful for this year is that I don't have to 
worry about this issue too much, until some ill-mannered person like Ms. 
Landers decides it's rude to check you bg at all or to even set a bolus on your 
pump... after all, that pump makes that nasty beep when it's done...

Randall P. Winchester
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