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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

On 23 Nov 98 at 9:02, Janine Shea wrote:

> I once made the mistake at work (1993) of telling people that I would be
> doing blood sugars at my desk (someone had noticed and asked me to talk a bit
> about it), why I did them, and not to be surprised if they walked in past my
> shut door to encounter this.  The response I got was devastating, full of
> revulsion and nasty jokes.  Where did I work and who were these insensitive
> louts?  I was a counsellor at a rape crisis center and all these women were
> therapists.  We all saw bruises and cuts and blood and other bodily fluids in
> the course of our intervention work but me doing a blood sugar was
> "disgusting" and I was TOLD not to do them outside the stall in the washroom. 
> I quit doing blood sugars altogether for several years.  I realize that it was
> their fear of disease and ignorance and discomfort with diabetes that made
> them so idiotic, but at the time it was all I needed to be utterly ashamed of
> myself and my nasty "secret".

Having been the butt of "druggie" jokes for years I think the time for quietly 
fading into the background passed a long time ago.  I used to worry about what 
other people thought until I got tired of having to risk my health just to keep 
from "offending" someone.  Have you ever tried to take a shot in a high-traffic 
restroom and heard someone tell someone else to "get a manager - someone's 
shooting up in here.."?  Many years ago I decided not to try to hide, and if 
anyone was offended it was their problem, not mine...  after I stopped slinking 
around trying to hide I discovered that I had much fewer problems, and even in 
restaurants the comments I got were encouraging.  I had strangers see me take a 
shot and come over to ask if I knew a good doctor or if I could say something 
encouraging to their child who also had to take shots...  In many years I only 
had one "observer" pass out on me.  He recovered quickly and apologized to me 
and those at my table for not looking away when he saw the syringe...  

Fight fear and ignorance....  but I'd better get off the soapbox before my 
preacher training kicks in...

Randall P. Winchester
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