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[IP] Feeling Older and enjoying it?

On 21 Nov 98 at 21:22, email @ redacted wrote:

>      Do you have any diabetes related problems?  Since I consider being
> diagnosed in 1983 as the dark ages, I'd like to hear from someone that has had
> it long term.  Thanks! Christine

Wow - I guess that those of us who were diagnosed back in the "dark ages" ought 
to speak up...  things have changed significantly for the better since then... 
bg monitoring was just getting started using the "match the color" strips.  
Some crude meters were available but you had to follow a procedure of timing, 
washing the strip just right and hoping you didn't get it all wrong.   Human 
insulin was a research promise and MDI was starting to gain popularity...  it 
was pre-DCCT so there was only anecdotal evidence that keeping your bg close to 
normal helped.  Those of us with doctors who believed that have turned out to 
be the fortunate ones...  I've got a box full of old meters at home - some of 
them from companies that don't exist any more...  and sixteen years of memories 
of lows, highs, and funny stories about people fainting when they saw me give 
myself a shot, people thinking I was a druggie when they saw syringes in my 

I saw a new one a while back though - I had stopped in at the local Hardee's 
for breakfast one Saturday morning with one of my sons.  In the next line I 
noticed a young man ordering breakfast - and he had an insulin syringe, 
prefilled, stuck over his left ear like many people stick a pencil... 

Randall P. Winchester
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