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RE: [IP] 200+BGs while on pump?

At 12:19 PM 11/24/1998  Michael wrote:
>On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, Mike Sandeen wrote:
>> problem with the days I change my infusion set.  Every time I change my
>> set my BG goes from my normal (90 to 140 or so) to the 200's and even
>> 300's.  I use a SofSet QR & Humalog and follow all the directions except
>> that I prime 1.0 units instead of the recomended 0.5 to fill the
>> canula.  Nothing has helped so far.  For example, today I tested 113

I have discovered a curious phenomena when priming the pump. If the
quick-disconnect end of the tubing for the Silhouette is held low it seems
to fill rapidly... but when you raise it up much higher than the pump, the
drop at the end of the needle diappears... priming a bit more then brings
it back. I wonder if some reports of highs after doing a new set might be
due to falsely thinking that the set had been fully primed, when in reality
it had not. 

My unscientific guess is that holding the quick-disconnect end of the
tubing higher than the pump while it is priming, forces it to push more
insulin into the tubing and equalizes the pressure better. Can anyone else
verify this? I'd also wonder how to tell whether doing it this way really
makes a difference? I've been using this technique for the last 6 weeks and
haven't had a problem with highs after inserting a new set since... but
then, as usual, YMMV.


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