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Re: [IP] Ann Landers


You're letter as well as others, really touched me, even sprung up some tears.  I am
keeping all these letters and will combine them into a document that I can share with
those around me.  I am not the greatest writer and when your so close a topic it's
hard at times to express what I really want too, to those I love.

This disease is so complex, yet so simple...No insulin and you die.

Thanks again from a 35 year diabetic, since age of 3,

Daryl & Melissa Davis wrote:

> Here's the letter my husband sent....
> Dear Ann Landers,
>          As you can see by the flood of mail that you have received. The statement
> that you
> allowed to be published in your 11/22 article about people with diabetes was
> unwise. These are
> caring parents, sweet little children and adults that were not given a choice of
> whether or
> not they should have diabetes. Protected under the Americans Disabilities Act,
> they have the
> right to perform their dreary task of dealing with this disease anywhere and
> anytime they so
> choose. Those who might be offended need to realize that diabetes is one of the
> greatest
> plagues of our time. Don't take me wrong because I feel strongly about this too
> but the
> statistics show that more people are affected and die from diabetes than HIV/Aids
> & Breast
> Cancer combined. In 1995 there were 16 million people in America affected by this
> disease and
> at a estimated rate of 625,000 new diabetics every year, this is an uncontrolled
> monster
> destroying the precious lives of our families. At this time there is not a cure.
> Only a daily
> regiment of treatment to minimize the impact of destruction that takes place.
> Those who are
> affected don't have and were not given the choice. They have to perform these
> tests and
> injections to stay alive. Those who would find it offensive don't need to watch or
> can excuse
> themselves for the short time that it take to perform this life saving ritual. It
> is attitudes
> and close minded people such as your self that try so hard to keep this dreadful
> disease
> covered up and hidden. There is little support and financing available for
> diabetes research.
> The cure is on the horizon if we could just give a little support to the cause and
> better
> inform the world about diabetes instead of trying to cover it up and pretend that
> it does not
> exist. The numbers don't lie and the families of approximately 180,000 dear people
> who die
> every year need to be published in all forms of media, including yours. There are
> some very
> touching stories out there and far too many sad ones. As a person in the public
> eye, you might
> want to consider these people before you make rash and insensitive statements that
> only
> perpetuate the lack of education and promote ignorance in our society. I feel that
> you need to
> retract your statement and write an apology to all those that you have offended.
> You have
> offended more people than any diabetic who preforms their lifesaving routine in
> public.
>  Sincerely,
>         Daryl Davis
>         Father of Kristina Davis
>         Diagnosed at the age of 6 months
>         and is now 8 years old.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
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