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RE: [IP] 200+BGs while on pump?

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, Mike Sandeen wrote:
> problem with the days I change my infusion set.  Every time I change my
> set my BG goes from my normal (90 to 140 or so) to the 200's and even
> 300's.  I use a SofSet QR & Humalog and follow all the directions except
> that I prime 1.0 units instead of the recomended 0.5 to fill the
> canula.  Nothing has helped so far.  For example, today I tested 113

It is probably a simple problem. When you remove the old set, some 
portion of the insulin that is in you basal rate and you last bolus leaks 
out of the wound. You are now missing that insulin and, of course your 
bg's go up. Leave the old set in place for the absorbtion time fo the 
insulin you uuse.

2 hours for Humalog 
4 hours for regular.

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