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Re: [IP] Trigger Finger

Hi Cindy,

I was pleased to see this email yesterday, since my left thumb is starting to
bother me again.  I had cortisone shot into it back in June.  I am nervous about
having surgery.  I just think surgery should be the last resort.  This is due to
past experiences.  Anyway, I too would like to know, with facts that can prove
it, if Trigger Finger is common in diabetics.  My hand doctor told me it was
too.  I tend to be skeptical, because I believe Doctors have this annoying habit
of blaming everything on diabetes if they can't find something else.  I
fractured my C7 in my neck and the doctors immediately blamed the diabetes.  Now
I am attempting to do the "natural" way, which is applying heat and rubbing in
Caster oil.  So far ok, but still in pain.  Oh and my hand doctor did say that
everyone gets Trigger Finger, it's just that diabetics are more prone.  I don't
know what to believe.

Thanks for bringing this issue up.  I am anxious to hear more.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Hello,
> Do any of you know how common trigger finger is in diabetics?  I had surgery
> for this two years ago on my left thumb and I have now developed it in the
> other thumb.  I have already had a cortisone injection in this thumb and it
> gave me relief for 10 months.  It is back and time to just have the surgery
> done once again.  Thanks for your input.
> Cindy
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