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[IP] Magazine article on research funding disparities

I received this message from Joe LaMountain of the ADA, the article is
interesting reading even though it doesn't mention spending for diabetes



The American Spectator has published an excellent article on government
funding of research (www.spectator.org/archives/98-12_fumento.html).  If you
don't have internet access, send me your fax number or address and I will
send it to you.

The author found that government funding for research into certain diseases
(AIDS and breast cancer) is greater than their impact.  Instead of basing
decisions on health needs, the writer says Congress and the President have
responded to political pressure by these two groups.

This is exactly what we've been saying for the last year!  Diabetes afflicts
more people, kills more people and costs America more money than AIDS and
breast cancer combined.  But for every $1 Congress spends on diabetes
research, it spends more than $6 on AIDS and breast cancer research.

This shows our message is reaching people.  The American Spectator is widely
read in Washington, particularly by Republicans.   I hope you get a chance
to read it.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

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