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Re: [IP] Pumping Questions

<<<<<<From: Carl Baker <email @ redacted>

	Carl, some points of yours do require further clarification:

<Minimed uses a solenoid to push insulin a tenth of a unit at a time.
<Disetronics pump an infinitely variable dose of insulin through a screw
<drive.   With this in mind, I concluded that the Disetronic's delivery is
<faster and closer to natural than Minimed's.

	Minimed also uses a similar screw drive.  The Disetronics is NOT
infinitely variable.  Furthermore, given the 1 -3 hour duration of action
of even Humalog, it is physiologically impossible for your body to notice
the difference between a few minutes variation in basal pulse delivery.

<I looked at the pumping pressures of the two pumps, in the belief that would
<have some bearing on pumping through any obstructions in the tubing.
<Disetronic pumps at 2-3x higher pressures.  It turns out that more Minimed
<users are complaining about non-delivery alarms.  I worried that the higher
<pressures would induce pain during boluses.  It doesn't.

	I don't know that a greater PERCENTAGE of Minimed users complain
about "no delivery" alarms.  On this list more complain, but 90% of those
on the list use Minimed.  Higher pressure might not be that good if there
were an obstruction, since this higher pressure might: a) overdistend the
tubing	b) shoot the obstruction into you.

<The Disetronic can be operated without damage underwater without
<modification or addition of waterproof casings.    This turned out to be
pretty important for me since I <swim regularly for extended periods of
time.	  Hanging the pump around one's neck,
<the Disetronic can be taken into the shower as well.  Get your Minimed
really wet and you'll have to <return it for service.

	As a regular swimmer, I can't imagine swimming with a little box
attached to me.  (would destroy the smooth currents flowing around my
svelte bod :-).  It's so easy to detach for 1/2 - 1 hour that even if I had
a Disetronic I would do the same.  And why would anyone want to take a
shower with the pump and tubing getting in the way?

<<<<Plastic cartridges tend to degrade Humalog molecularly.  The Humalog is
attracted ionically to the plastic wall of the cartridge.  The plastic ones
also present more opportunity or propensity for contamination with air.
And even if they fill them just before placing the cartridge in the pump,
the Humalog remaining in the used factory-filled vial may be degraded as
well, perhaps by as much as 30 percent.>>>>>

	I wonder where you dreamed up this "fact."   It's just not true
that plastic degrades Humalog.  I keep plastic syringes pre-filled for up
to a month, and my CHO/insulin ratio is not affected by this.


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