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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

Right on Scott.  I think maybe those of us who agree with Ann should send
her a letter telling her that not all diabetics seek to make others
uncomfortable in restaurants.   There's just no reason to put blood and
syringes on a dining room table.  In the event it is absolutely necessary,
one can discretely check blood in ones lap, and by using an insulin pen,
even discretely inject in the thigh through one's clothes.  I loved your
analogy with the colostomy bag.  I've seen people with babies changing
diapers in restaurants, using similar inconsiderate arguments and logic.
We are only talking about personal behavior at tables in public restaurants
after all,  not whether people understand or sympathize with the problems
we diabetics deal with on a daily basis.  It's a question of decency,
manners, and discretion.

<<<<<<<<<From: SRB <email @ redacted>
U missed what I said. I said the actual Injection can be done in
private. I test at table but can do it without making a BIG deal outta
it. No one ever even knows Im testing. Then I would fill the syringe at
the table.. again without a BIG production and then move to a private
place to inject. It IS possible to do without drawing alot of attention
which is what this guy was doing. Now if I wore a colostimy bag I
wouldn't announce it to the general public. And those pore folks have it
worse than Diabetics. Its not a matter of 'where' you do it. Its a
matter of 'how' you do it. It sounds like this gentleman made a BIG
production outta it to draw attention to himself <hince the Jerry
Springer comment> Please listen to the entire story and dont automaticly
get your dander up cause it was NOT an attack against ALL diabetics. Ill
bet this woman has been in a eating place with many diabetics whom DON'T
make a BIG deal outta it and she never even knows I am there :)



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