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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

HERE HERE! I agree. Although my friends and family have little or no problem
with my testing and giving shots (prepump days), others do. When someone goes
to a restaurant to eat they are trying to enjoy a meal and no matter how open
minded most people are it bothers some of them to see needles and blood. I
think that openly making a production of shots and blood testing only
encourages feelings against diabetes and works against the acceptance we are
trying to establish. When testing in public I always try to be discrete and
keep things on my lap, below table level when possible. 

A little story: I was out with friends one time who were trying to set me up
with this guy. He had diabetes, too. Just before dinner came he pulled out his
syringe, etc. and "shot up" right at the table. He made such a production
about it that I was pretty grossed out (and I had taken shots for years). I
was glad I had the pump. I was even happier when the night ended. 

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