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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

Hi All,

I am sitting here looking at the Ann Landers letter and response.....  I
sure hope there was a lot of editing done to the original letter!

At 08:58 AM 11/23/98 -0700, you wrote:
>This was the Ann Landers column this morning:
>Dear Ann:  
>	I have a relative who has diabetes and must take insulin shots after every

After every meal .......... that's a very successful way to get very high
blood sugars......

>meal.  he makes quite a production of it, tests his sugar, prepares the
>injection and injects himself at the table. This procedure is done in the
>homes of family members and friends and in restaurants.  

This "production" sounds pretty standard to me and not like a production at
all.  Unless there was a lot of text edited out, I can't evern consider it
"making quite a production"....   And then there is the part that isn't
seen........ What is being served and how much he is going to eat so he can
get the "right" amount of insulin.......

I know of very few people who use their arms for injections on a consistent
basis, so how visable will the injection really be......

>								The site of blood
>and injections ruins the enjoyment of the meal for those with queasy
>	This person is extremely sensitive, and his feelings would be crushed if
>he knew he was offending people.  Your response in the paper would help
>make others who are afflicted with diabetes aware of how this sort of thing
>affects some of us.

I'm glad Mrs. Anonymous is not bothered by
this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Enough so, that she is
willing to "save" everyone else from us insensitive people with
diabetes...........(non PC  - diabetics)

>			Mrs. Anonymous
>Dear Mrs. Anon.:  Your point is well taken.  A person who would inject
>himself or herself at the dinner table in the presence of others exhibits
>gross insensitivity and very poor manners.

I am grateful to the lady I didn't even know 20 years ago at the restaurant
table who said: "Why are you going away to hide something that keeps you

Over the years, very few people have even noticed when I have taken an
Except the few times when I have gone to the bathroom.......... and then
thought might have to explain to the police.......... The assumption was

>From what I understand and have seen drug addicts attempt to hide what they
are doing which draws attention to it.........  

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