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Re: [IP] Pumping Questions

Carl Baker wrote:
> I'll be meeting with pump representatives in the near future.  I feel that
> each supplier with give me a sales pitch and claim their pump is superior.
> With only two choices, I have a 50% chance of choosing the best one.  Is
> there really any major differences in the pumps? 

Basically, no. There are several features on each make that may be important 
to you. MiniMed is supposed to be a bit simpler to operate, and has several nice
features, such as the lightup screen for night time use, the decorator colors
and the not yet available (till early next year?) data communicatrion system
add on for downloading to your PC.

Disetronics is designed to be waterproof, and takes a bit more technical
to some things, but takes a bit more training and experience, at least for some 

Also note that MiniMed tends to be favored in the USA, since the company is 
here, where Disetronics is more popular in Europe, since Disetronics is a
Swiss company. Which 1 you choose depends on your view of the features
that are important for YOU. Be wary of claims of what's wrong with the other 
pump, it's usually not real.

 Please let me know your
> opinions?  Also, I have the same question regarding infusion sets.  What are
> users having the most comfort and delivery with? 

There are also 2 major choices in Teflon infusion sets, which last longer and
cause less damage for many pumpers, though there are multiple kinds of steel
needle infusion sets, mostly a choice between straight or bent needles from the
same 2 manufacturers. MiniMed makes the QR Teflon detachable sets, and Maersk
a different Teflon set, which is sold under 3 brand names: Disetronics Tenders,
MiniMed Silhouettes, or Pureline Comforts, sold in the USA by Chronimed.

These can be seen on the MiniMed webpage at:
under Products.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/