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[IP] NY pumpers

Fred wrote:

> I've been so lazy lately - I don't even bother with decimals.  I 
> guess  that's why I'm on this list - so I can get motivated and 
> be reminded that evil, nasty things will occur if I don't shape up!

hey =- now that is NO reason to do anything....how many times did it work when
you were a kid - threats are useless...you need to remember the positvie
things that will mkae you want to do better....like me wanting to do better
cuz I know more accurate boluses will help me lose weight...EVENTUALLY (teeth
gritting in frustration.....)

HEY...attn New York members of IP...lets get together WITHOUT the sanctioned
pump group sometime - lets go eat or to happy 3 hours  - OR to make Fred happy
- PIZZA - sometime before the holidays and meet!  We are a different breed
than those people - I felt like such a naughty girl...when i said i only
changed my site when I needed to, there were these looks of SHOCk and
DISGUST....please...I know the people on the list understand that YMMV and I
would like to meet you!

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