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[IP] Ann Landers

I have been really excited about all the letters I've read regarding the
Ann Landers column.  If people start to understand what people with
Diabetes have to do everyday we might get more funding for a cure.  Right
now, most people think that as long as people with D don't eat sugar, they
will be healthy and life long happy lives.  I am saddened when I read that
several people thought that bathrooms were for injecting insulin.  I always
thought they were for "checking your makeup" and ridding your body of
wastes.  When I took three girls to summer camp and they were all injecting
in the restroom, several women looked at me with disgust, like I was
supplying them with illegal drugs!  I agree that a "production" isn't
necessary but I think it's time to take diabetes out of the bathrooms and
into the public eye.  Until we do, no one will understand what is required
on a day to day basis.  

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