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RE: [IP] 200+BGs while on pump?

Hi John,
	I'm a 'newbie' on a 507C (about 4 weeks) and I'm having a similar
problem with the days I change my infusion set.  Every time I change my
set my BG goes from my normal (90 to 140 or so) to the 200's and even
300's.  I use a SofSet QR & Humalog and follow all the directions except
that I prime 1.0 units instead of the recomended 0.5 to fill the
canula.  Nothing has helped so far.  For example, today I tested 113
mg/dl before breakfast.  Then I changed my set, did a bolus to cover my
carbs plus a 4.0 bolus to counter the "new set" phenonmenon.
Two hours and a half hours later I'm at 358 mg/dl.  I'm working with my
CDE on this and have read the other responses to your question.  
	Thanks to everyone that writes.  I don't have a computer at home
(yet!!) but I do read the digest and have really gotten a lot out of it.
I hope be more involved than just reading when I can do this from home
instead of just at work.
				Mike Sandeen
				email @ redacted
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