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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

U missed what I said. I said the actual Injection can be done in
private. I test at table but can do it without making a BIG deal outta
it. No one ever even knows Im testing. Then I would fill the syringe at
the table.. again without a BIG production and then move to a private
place to inject. It IS possible to do without drawing alot of attention
which is what this guy was doing. Now if I wore a colostimy bag I
wouldn't announce it to the general public. And those pore folks have it
worse than Diabetics. Its not a matter of 'where' you do it. Its a
matter of 'how' you do it. It sounds like this gentleman made a BIG
production outta it to draw attention to himself <hince the Jerry
Springer comment> Please listen to the entire story and dont automaticly
get your dander up cause it was NOT an attack against ALL diabetics. Ill
bet this woman has been in a eating place with many diabetics whom DON'T
make a BIG deal outta it and she never even knows I am there :)


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