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[IP] letter to A Landers from Laura Lynn

Laura  just happened to come home sick today so I asked her to write a note
back to Mrs. Landers.  Here is her letter . . .

Dear Mrs. Landers,
My name is Laura Lynn and I am 8 years old and I am a diabetic.  I sometimes
test in the bathroom and sometimes I dont.  I dont want to have to find a
bathroom when I am at the mall and they are a long ways away.  Usually there
isn't anywhere to sit my stuff and i have to just set it on the sink or the
floor and they are dirty.  My mom showed me what you wrote and I wish you
wouldn't say we should have to go to restrooms.  Most people are not grossed
out by me.  I check my Blood Sugar in my class everyday and none of the kids
mind and they even think it is neat that I have a blue insulin pump and they
ask me about it.  They also think it is neat that I can take shots without
crying.  Most people are sorry that I have to take shots and prick my finger
and are very nice to me.  I wish you would change your mind because my mom
says a lot of people read what you write about.   I like being a diabetic
since I have an insulin pump like Miss America.  Insulin Pumps are cool. . .

Laura Lynn
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/