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[IP] Ann Landers

I just wanted to clarify, and I'm sure most of you already realized,
that my letter was not meant or directed at anyone on the pumper list.
I simply copied and pasted a letter I had written to Ann Landers and in
my haste, forgot to put an explanation with it.  At the time I was
rushed to pick up my son from kindergarten and run some errands.  Now
that I have time, however, I would like to mention that last week we
went to to see a play and then went out to dinner afterward.  My son
tested and I gave him an injection at the restaurant.  I noticed the
waiter looking at us and when he came over he merely asked very
inquisitively, "...is that insulin?"  I explained Type I diabetes to him
and he was very understanding--and very interested!  There was no
problem whatsoever and actually, that's the kind of encounter we've
usually experienced.

I'm not going to encourage my son to hide.  Why?  He's not doing
anything wrong and also, by hiding it's like he's saying that he's got
something to be ashamed or embarrassed about and that's simply not the
case.  Also, a bathroom can be a very germ-filled place!  The Landers
response came as a complete shock, especially after Stacey Harmis'
letter writing campaign to her this month.  I just don't get it.

Anyway, again I'd like to apologize to anyone who thought I was writing
to them specifically.  I realize my letter was very blunt but the target
of my letter was Ann Landers who, to my mind, is becoming increasingly
synonymous with "ignorant fool with lots of pull".


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