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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

Linda, this is surely going to start up a storm, but I for one am in full
agreement that one should not be sticking fingers and injecting insulin in
public.  At the very least one should be as discrete as possible.  Aside
from the more general danger of blood borne diseases and syringe needles,
this is something that should not be visually foisted on others, unless
they have already said it is OK.  It's a matter of common courtesy and
manners, and has nothing to do with respect for diabetics.   Maybe we
should be congratulating her this time for her wisdom.

<<<<<<<<<<<From: "Linda Gubler" <email @ redacted>
This was the Ann Landers column this morning:
Dear Ann:
	I have a relative who has diabetes and must take insulin shots
after every
meal.  he makes quite a production of it, tests his sugar, prepares the
injection and injects himself at the table. This procedure is done in the
homes of family members and friends and in restaurants.  The site of blood
and injections ruins the enjoyment of the meal for those with queasy
	This person is extremely sensitive, and his feelings would be
crushed if
he knew he was offending people.  Your response in the paper would help
make others who are afflicted with diabetes aware of how this sort of thing
affects some of us.
			Mrs. Anonymous
Dear Mrs. Anon.:  Your point is well taken.  A person who would inject
himself or herself at the dinner table in the presence of others exhibits
gross insensitivity and very poor manners.>>>>>>>>>>>>


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