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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

Great letter!

email @ redacted wrote:

> Bonnie:
>    Sorry to disagree, but here's my response objecting to Ann Landers' column.
> All her view serves to do is reinforce society's inability to accept anyone
> who is "different". Following her logic, I guess it was "grossly insensitive"
> of me to go to the supermarket this summer with my pink Race for the Cure
> baseball cap covering my chemo-bald head instead of my glamorous wig......just
> so that the other shoppers wouldn't have to feel "uncomfortable". Here's what
> I wrote.......
>      " I was dismayed & disgusted by your 11/22 column in the Philadelpha
> Inquirer,regarding a diabetic relative.  As the mother of a 16 yr old diabetic
> daughter who has strived to make my child feel as "normal" as possible, I felt
> your response was akin to the Nazi regime mentality of "isolating" society's
> "misfits". Until you have accompanied a child to a dirty public restroom &
> balanced 2 glass insulin bottles on your lap while seated upon the toilet &
> attempting to draw up an accurate dosage of insulin in a dimly-lit stall, you
> are in no position to criticize someone who administers their insulin
> publicly.  The other diners always have the option of turning their head for a
> few seconds.  A person with diabetes has very few alternatives. Fortunately,
> my child now has an insulin pump which enables her to administer her life-
> saving insulin at meal times by merely pushing buttons, but for the other 90%
> of insulin dependent diabetics, short of avoiding public dining situations or
> "hiding" in the bathroom, there are no options. With diabetes rates soaring &
> our government expending BILLIONS of dollars to pay the costs of complications
> from uncontrolled diabetes, your thoughtless, insulting comments can only
> serve to make those who DO try to competently monitor their diabetes feel
> reviled. Would you also consider a handicapped person to be displaying "gross
> insensitivity & poor public manners" if they were eating in public & unable to
> control their spasmodic movements or salivary glands???? Should they be
> permanently confined to their own home? Just because a person with diabetes is
> physically ABLE to excuse himself from the table does NOT mean that he should
> be so obligated,so that others won't have to feel "uncomfortable"! Consider
> the ramifications if you will of this type of fallacious reasoning!!
> Renee
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