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Re: [IP] 200+ BGs while on pump?


You can test the mechanics of your pump by placing a small black mark on
the screw in your pump.  While disconnected bolus 7 units and see if the
black mark disappears and reappears.  If it reappears then your pump is
probably delivering properly.

It is very difficult to see the insulin traveling through the tubing
when we change sets.  I have asked Minimed if they would color the
tubing so we,  with not so great eye sight could follow the insulin and
see if there are bubbles.  I have filled a regular syringe with 80 units
of insulin and before I connect I fill the entire tubing from the
syringe.  When there is a big bubble at the end of tubing I connect the
full pump syringe.  This eliminates a bubble on the louver and seems to
fill a bubble free tubing.

Hope this works for you.

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