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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

Linda Gubler wrote:

> This was the Ann Landers column this morning:
> Dear Ann:
>         I have a relative who has diabetes and must take insulin shots after every
> meal.  he makes quite a production of it, tests his sugar, prepares the
> injection and injects himself at the table. This procedure is done in the
> homes of family members and friends and in restaurants.  The site of blood
> and injections ruins the enjoyment of the meal for those with queasy
> stomachs.
>         This person is extremely sensitive, and his feelings would be crushed if
> he knew he was offending people.  Your response in the paper would help
> make others who are afflicted with diabetes aware of how this sort of thing
> affects some of us.
>                         Mrs. Anonymous
> Dear Mrs. Anon.:  Your point is well taken.  A person who would inject
> himself or herself at the dinner table in the presence of others exhibits
> gross insensitivity and very poor manners.
> I found an address where she can be emailed:
> http://www.creators.com/lifestyle/landers/writelan.asp
> Please let her know how you feel about the letter and her answer!  Thank
> you, Linda
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Thanks Linda for bringing this to everyone's attention!    Everyone's letters that
I've read so far are sooo good!  You all are so eloquent!  :-)  I added mine to the
pile too!  I hope she reads them!

Dear Ann:

I couldn't believe it when I saw what you had written in the paper to the woman who is
offended by blood tests and insulin injections!  You are in the public spotlight, able
to influence public opinion and knowledge.  If you are to answer questions such as
these, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to get the facts.  Do you know diabetes is at
epidemic proportions?  Do you know how many people are diagnosed with it every DAY??
At this rate, soon EVERYONE will be testing and injecting and we won't have to worry
about who we're offending!  I suggest you do alittle research about your topics before
answering so haphazardly and insensitively.

My daughter is a mere 8 years old and has been living with diabetes since she was 6
months old.  What a terrible thing for a child to go through ALL her life!  My
daughter knows no other way to live.  She looks at other kids and wonders what it
would be like not to have to test 6 to 8 times a day or take 4 injections a day.  I do
EVERYTHING humanly possible to make her feel as "normal" as she can but it's an effort
doomed to fail!  Because she will ALWAYS be different!  She will ALWAYS have to do her
blood tests and take her injections!  If she's lucky, she'll be able to have a pump
soon but she will still have to test often and keep syringes with her for an
emergency.  If a miracle comes her way, she will be cured someday and really know what
it's like to be "normal"!  Until then, everyone around us will have to adjust to
HER!!  I refuse to make her use a dirty bathroom or hide when she needs to do her
tests and shots!!  I have always refused to do it and have always done them right in
public.  No one has ever commented to me except in the most favorable context about
it.  More often than not, the person asking about her only needs a little
information.  It's not so difficult Ann, to pass on alittle educational and SENSITIVE
information about diabetes to make someone aware that they have no need to be
offended.  and if they are, well, in my humble opionion, they can just take their
offenses elsewhere!!!  My daughter will ALWAYS do her tests and shots in public when
the need arrises and she will happily tell you why she must.  Imagine hearing the
facts from an 8 year old child!  She is certainly wiser and better educated than some


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