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Re: [IP] Ann Landers

I agree with many posters, and disagree with Bonnie.

Here's what I sent Ann Landers today.

Dear Ann

I read the recent letter about a person with diabetes who must inject after
each meal. As a person who has had diabetes for over 25 years I find the
attitude of the writer hard to take. Admittedly there are ways to handle
things somewhat differently to minimize the discomfort of those present,
however these are not always possible.

In years gone by I have been forced to use completely unsanitary restrooms
to test my blood glucose readings and inject myself. The alternative to
doing something like this is not injecting and running the risks of severe
complications because of poor diabetes control, or testing and injecting at
the table.

I wonder how Mrs. Anonymous will feel if she develops Type 2 diabetes (she
has at least a 1 in 8 chance of doing this) and she herself is required to
test her blood glucose and inject each day.

Given the number of people in the US who have diabetes, and lack of adequate
treatment options for a variety of reasons, I think it would be more
appropriate to advise those with diabetes to warn folks that they need to
test and inject before (or after) each meal, than to criticize their

This is a terrible, life threatening, killer disease. I'm afraid the media
does it continued injustice by it's lack of awareness of the issues
surrounding diabetes, and it's lack of publicity for the disease.


Bernard Farrell

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