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Re: [IP] pizza


I'm not Cheri, but I did have a successful "pizza event" last week using
this method.  I figured my total meal bolus was 4.8 units (including the
salad) and I bolused 2 units "up front" and spread the remaining 2.8 over
an hour and a half.  I ended up with pretty reasonable blood sugars
afterwards.  This was Pizza Hut medium supreme pizza, I have a book giving
the carbs for that size and kind, so I didn't have to guess on that end.

Mary Jean

>Cheri: It was suggested to be to use a dual wave bolus when consuming
Pizza.. I
>haven't tried it yet because I'm unsure of the ratios..could you help me out
>here.. if I were do eat a pizza say..worth 45grams of carbs per slice.. what
>would be my ratios..

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