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Re: [IP] pre-pump protocol

I have an article written by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts.  If you are interested
I could send it to ( via mail ) or fax a copy to you.

And, yes I think your doctor is overdoing it!  Fifteen years ago when I went on
the pump first time around I was in the hospital.  Personally I think it's a
waste, since you're not at your normal activity level when laying in a hospital
bed.  Personally, it sounds like this doc is getting kickbacks from the

Neal & Kara wrote:

> My endo won't put me on the pump until I see his diabetes educator pump
> specialist AND a psychiatrist he uses for prospective pump users.  He claims
> this protocol of his has great results because 95% of his patients that
> ultimately go on the pump, stay on the pump.  Has anyone heard of this?  I
> think he's overdoing it a bit.   He also wants me to go into the hospital
> for two days when I first go on the pump but says this is "negotiable."  Do
> most people spend the first 2 days on the pump in the hospital?
> 1 more question -- I read the Pumping Insulin book by Walsh and Roberts but
> it doesn't talk about Lispro and the pump.  This seems significant,
> especially for setting nightinme basal rates because the onset of lispro and
> R is so different.  I have the 2nd edition of this book.  Is there a more
> recent version that incorporates Lispro?  Or does anyone know of similar
> pump books that incorporate the quicker acting insulins?
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