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Re: [IP] NOT encouraging research news :-(

Fran, you are correct that the pharmceutical companies are not eager to see
a noninvasive glucose machine on the market.  I had a similar situation
with regard to my swimming pool.  You can buy automatic chlorinators that
only require the addition of some regular table salt to the pool water.
Very cheap and very efficient. But I couldn't find any local pool store the
"knew anything about that."  After two years I finally found a company in
California that could provide it and someone local to install it.   But I
think that with the BG meters, we might be better off, since several of the
companies do not currently sell BG strips.  And there is a huge potential
profit if they can come up with a reliable machine.  Money.  It's the
ultimate mover and shaker.

<<<<<From: Fran Baumgartner <email @ redacted>
I am not surprised by anything you wrote.  I too thought there would be a
cure in
my life time, but gave up that hope many years ago when I wised up to how
our government is.  Bottom line, diabetes is a big money making business.
If they
find a cure it could definitely hurt the economy.  A friend of mine who was
involved actually heard politicians talking this way back in 1982.  In
addition, I
read in a Diabetes Forcast magazine, approximately five years ago, that the
that did not require fingerstick, would not be out for an extremely long
time if
ever, because the pharmaceutical companies that made these meters would
lose a lot
of money from not selling strips.  This was my interpretation of the
article.  I
don't be to sound so pessimistic, but for me this is reality and despite what I
hear or read, I shall continue to take the best care I can of myself, keep
fighting the political arena in anyway I can, and if I cure comes out in my
lifetime, I shall be extremely grateful.

Wayne Mitzner
Department of Environmental Health Sciences
The Johns Hopkins University
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