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Re: [IP] Thyroid testing

    Your response just serves to highlight an ever-increasingly important
issue- i.e. doctors not being familiar with the full gamut of available
testing, medications, treatments, etc.  I encounter this all the time in
speaking to women on-line who've been diagnosed with breast cancer. Once
again, the beauty of cyberspace is underscored. While chatting with a mom of a
teen with diabetes, who along with her twin sister) has thyroid problems, I
learned about "anti-thyroid antibody testing". Since I've had hypothryoidism &
have taken synthroid for over 25 years, I asked the doctor to have this test
run.  The first time it wasn't done (probably someone in the lab wasn't even
sure about it & ignored it!!), but 3 months later I again requested it be done
& it came back in normal ranges. Melissa's endo is an excellent physician &
didn't balk at all when I suggested running this test, but the impetus came
from ME. not him, because he's NOT a ped. endo & may not have been as aware as
I am of kids with diabetes having secondary autoimmune diseases. Once again,
KNOWLEDGE is POWER in the hands of the consumer (patient) which is where it
should be & must be in this era of managed care. When doctors are told by
administrators how many minutes they can allot to each patient to produce
maximum efficiency, it behooves all of us to BE PREPARED. Prior to any appt.,
jot your questions down on a tablet & START the appt. by addressing those
questions ....NOT when the doctor has his hand on the doorknob to exit.  My
doctors now walk into the exam room looking for my tablet!!! My oncologist
actually looked disappointed last time when I didn't have any for him!!!!
LOL...A "secure", competent physician should welcome the challenge of a well-
informed patient's questions, especially considering how many patients they
see who totally ignore their medical advice!!

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