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Re: [IP] New Pumper

It's very normal but it's not usual.  In other words, this usually
happens when I need to change the set or if I am using unbuffered
insulin and it is burning a bit -- the two feelings are different.  I've
had a pump for 17 years.  I've never been able to manage "regular" set
changes -- sites are too uneven and after the first year or so you will
start to run low and the original sites you started with may have some
hypertrophy.  I change my set anywhere from two in a day (not so good
site that hurts) to 1 in 8 days and it runs the gamut.  I rarely get
more than 2 long ones or 4 short ones in a row.   When it hurts, take it
out.  If it is red, take it out.  Any suspicion its clogged, take it
out.  If you don't you may end up with a site infection and/or some # of
hours of high bgs.  Neither of these things is too terrible, but you
certainly wouldn't want to experience them on a regular basis.  On the
other hand, if the site is fine, you can often get more time out of it.
After a couple of years, you will know pretty automatically.

Sam Mooney wrote:

> Hi group:
> I went on the pump two days ago.  I am on the Disetronic using
> Humalog insulin.  My blood sugar readings have never been so
> good.  I am still on my first infusion set and it is beginning
> to hurt a little when I take a bolus.  Is this normal?  I will
> be changing it tomorrow.  I look forward to getting and giving
> tips on pump use through this group.  Thanks for being there.
> Sam Mooney
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