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Re: [IP] insulin pump support group

Hi Sara: My name is Doris, I belong to the Carolina Pumpers, a group of
people who are on the pump, [mini-med or digitronics]. We meet every
three months,[about 1 1/2 yrs now]. We started a little slow, people
meeting for the first time, then after several meetings we all became
very close and enjoy each other.

At first we talked about how long each person was a diabetic, any real
problems they had, believe me there was some stories to be heard.

They had refreshments each time we met, diet drinks, coffee and fruit,
had the latest information on dibetes, mini-med or digitronics, and when
possible had a guest speaker, the two pump reps not at the same time
though :}.

Our meetings last about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, no longer.

Ask if they have any thing they would like to dicuss at the next
meeting. We hold out meetings on thursday evening at 7pm, this was a
good time for all.

We are having our christmas party on December 10th, we hope to have 10
to 15 people there, always include the spouse in every thing you do. Our
club has about 25 members, some meetings we have 15 or 6, every one
cannot come to all the meetings.

After about a year our RN ask if we wanted to call our club a name, we
came up with Carolina Pumpers, we are all from South Carolina. Oh yea,
ask the reps to bring FREE samples of different things, they will he haw
around, but they will come up with something, make them feel like
cheapskates if they don't :].

Good luck on your first meeting, let me know how it turns out.

A diabetic for 42 years, a mini-med user for 3 years.


Mike Hohn wrote:
> I am a CDE starting an insulin pump support group in Portland , Oregon
> at the Diabetes Center I work at.  Our first meeting will be in
> January.  I was wondering if anyone has experience with this either as a
> facilitator or a pump wearer.  I would welcome any suggestions as to the
> kinds of things that have worked and have not.  We are going to use the
> first meeting to find out the kinds of things the group would like to
> see happen.
> We will meet for 90 minutes every other month.  Any suggestions?  Thank
> you Sara Hohn RN, CDE
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