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Re: [IP] Carbs vs protein and weight gain

That's true, particularly if you are not covering meals with humalog and need
to even out the food peaks (I find with humalog fast food is very very very
easy, medium food works and slow food -- like pizza -- is a nightmare).  On
the other hand, kidney damage is best kept under control by reducing protein
and fat.  Most diabetics show minute amounts of kidney damage pretty early
(they don't test for this -- apparantly a month or two of bgs >160 a
percentage of the time will already have taken a small toll -- like eyes, it
depends on how early you want to look at "changes").  So in the long term high
fat high protein will stress kidneys more.  If you can't control your bgs with
low fat, low protein, you should definately go for bgs fits since being out of
control always does the greatest damage.  After that, it's a matter of
juggling risk factors.  Low fat, medium carb and high protein might be a
healthy way to compromise the two, stay in good control and minimize many
diabetic complications.


> I just wanted to put my vote in.  I agree that a lower level of insulin
> intake (still with good control) and lower levels of carbs facilitates
> weight loss or at least no weight gain.  Yes, I tend to agree with
> Bernstein and Atkins, even for people with functioning pancreases.  That's
> why all of these folks on low fat, high carb diets are not losing weight.
> Lots of insulin and lots of carbs seems to be the fomula for inordinate
> weight gain.
> Obviously, it may differ with different people and different metabolisms.
> Diane Massey
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