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Re: [IP] Statistics

On Sat, 21 Nov 1998, Hedley and Mary Evans wrote:

> Hi everyone, I need some statistics to send to my insurance company
> about the decrease in diabetes complications due to pumping versus MDI
> (multiple daily injectiosn). I've heard there is a paper documenting
> results of research done over a 20 (or so) period into pump users. Does
> anyone know of this. Or if not, can someone point me in the direction of
> some good meaty statistics which will bowl the insurance medical
> referees over!!!

Look on the LINKS page of the web site. The first paper in the DCCT 
section is very well written. There are several linked there, but the 
first in in real black and white terms and well explained. You might also 
search Medline. See the link for that on the SEARCH page.

BTW, the insurance company probably knows all about this study and is 
just throwing up a smoke screen.

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