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Re: [IP] pre-pump protocol

At 09:06 AM 11/21/98  email @ redacted wrote:
>it doesn't talk about Lispro and the pump.  This seems significant,
>especially for setting nightinme basal rates because the onset of lispro and
>R is so different.  I have the 2nd edition of this book.  Is there a more
>recent version that incorporates Lispro?  Or does anyone know of similar
>pump books that incorporate the quicker acting insulins?>>

I don't think Lispro (aka Humalog) existed when that book was written. As
far as I know, the 2nd ed. is the most recent edition. Also, Humalog is not
"officially" sanctioned by the FDA for use in pumps, although 80% of the
people in this group use it. If you have any questions about the use of
Lispro, just ask them here... there's a lot of experience with it on this list.


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