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Re: [IP] Pump and overeating?

>Have you had your thyroid checked lately?  You sound like my wife.  Normal
>TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is 4-5.  She had it checked and it was
>400!!  We insulin challenged are at risk for hypothyroidism.  Your e-mail
>describes one major symptom.
I too found that my thyroid was not functioning properly.  For 3 years I
could not understand where the extra weight was coming from.  My diet was
low fat and healthy, I worked out like an animal, and I was feeling tired
all the time.  I thought that perhaps this is what happens when you get over
thirty years old.

I started using the pump and taking thyroid medication at the same time
while maintaining the same diet and exercise routine.  I lost 15 pounds in 3
months.  My energy level went back up, my body fat went down, and muscle
mass increased.  I have not felt this good in years!

This may not everyone's solution, but it is worth checking out.  Next time
you get an HbA1c ask to have your thyroid checked.


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