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Re: [IP] Statistics

The DCCT (Diabetic Control and Complications Trial) was a long term study
of the effects / benefits of tight control. There are a number of links to
different versions of the info on the Insulin Pumpers web site. From the
main page, link to the section titled "Links to Diabetes and Insulin Pump
Info", then follow your mouse. That information has been the definitive
source for much of the support for insulin pumps in the past several years.
It's tough to ignore the statistics.

Mary Evans asked:

>Hi everyone, I need some statistics to send to my insurance company
>about the decrease in diabetes complications due to pumping versus MDI
>(multiple daily injectiosn). I've heard there is a paper documenting
>results of research done over a 20 (or so) period into pump users. Does
>anyone know of this. Or if not, can someone point me in the direction of
>some good meaty statistics which will bowl the insurance medical
>referees over!!!

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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